Make your bathroom look great and work better with our stylish shower cubicles. They’re perfect for Kenyan homes. Choose from sleek frameless designs or sliding doors to fit your space and budget. See how our high-quality shower cubicles from TSL Industries can turn your bathroom into a spa oasis.

Shower cubicle
Shower cubicle

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a wide range of stylish shower cubicles for Kenyan homes
  • Discover frameless and sliding door designs to suit your preferences
  • Enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic and maximise space with sleek cubicle solutions
  • Invest in high-quality shower cubicles from TSL Industries for a spa-like experience
  • Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary with our stylish and functional shower cubicles

Unleash the Power of Frameless Shower Cubicles

Frameless shower cubicles bring a modern touch to your Kenyan bathroom. They look sleek and minimalist, making your bathroom look bigger and more luxurious. These designs use space well, giving the illusion of more room.

Elevate Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic

Check out our frameless cubicles in various finishes to match your style. Choose from bold black or elegant gold accents. Our screens can turn your bathroom into a stylish retreat.

Maximise Space with Sleek Designs

Shower Screen
Shower Screen

Our frameless cubicle make small bathrooms look bigger and more welcoming. They’re perfect for any Kenyan home, offering a modern and space-saving solution.

“The frameless design of our shower cubicles creates an uninterrupted visual flow, making even the most compact bathroom feel airier and more inviting.”

Discover how frameless shower cubicle can change your Kenyan bathroom. Explore our collection to find the perfect style for your home’s look and feel.

Shower Cubicles: Combining Style and Functionality

shower cubicle

Every well-designed bathroom needs a mix of style and function. Our shower cubicle bring this balance to life, meeting the needs of our Kenyan customers. We offer a wide range of shower enclosures, from sleek sliding doors to classic swing doors, to improve your bathing experience.

Our team focuses on making the most of your bathroom space. Whether your bathroom is big or small, our sliding door and swing door designs can fit your space perfectly. They ensure a smooth layout that looks great and works well.

Our shower enclosures are perfect for adding a highlight to your bathroom. They feature clean lines, frameless glass, and  hardware. These features make them a stylish addition to any bathroom, lifting the look of the whole space.

“Our shower cubicles are engineered to withstand the test of time, providing a durable and reliable solution that will elevate your bathroom for years to come.”

We value durability in our shower cubicles. They are made from top-quality materials and go through strict quality checks. This means they are long-lasting and give you a worry-free bathing experience for your family.

If you like the modern look of a sliding door or the traditional feel of a swing door, our shower cubicle are ideal. They bring style and function together to change your Kenyan home for the better. Find the perfect shower cubicle for your bathroom and make your daily routine more elegant.


shower cubicle


TSL Industries offers stylish shower cubicles for Kenyan homeowners. You can choose from sleek, frameless designs or space-saving sliding doors. These cubicles mix style and functionality, making your bathroom a luxurious oasis.

Our shower cubicles are versatile and can be customised for any bathroom size or layout. They fit perfectly in Kenyan homes. By choosing these products, you’ll see a big change in your bathroom.

With TSL Industries’ shower cubicles, you can improve your bathroom’s look, use space well, and enjoy both style and function. See how these stylish solutions can change your daily bathing routine. Indulge in the luxury you’ve always wanted.


What materials are used in the construction of your shower cubicles?

Our shower cubicles are made from top-quality materials like tempered glass and strong aluminium frames. This ensures they last a long time. We’re proud of the great craftsmanship and care we put into every cubicle.

Do you offer customisation options for your shower cubicles?

Yes, we do! Every bathroom is different, so we offer many custom options for our shower cubicles. You can pick from various finishes, like sleek black or elegant gold, to match your bathroom’s style.

How easy are your shower cubicles to install?

We make our shower cubicles easy to install. They come with easy-to-follow instructions. Our skilled team is ready to help and support you during the installation. We aim to make it as simple as possible for our customers.

Do your shower cubicles require regular maintenance?

Taking care of our shower cubicle is simple. The glass and aluminium frames are easy to clean. Just use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner to keep it looking great. With a little effort, your shower cubicle will stay in top condition for many years.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your shower cubicles?

We’re confident in our products, which is why we offer a strong warranty on all shower cubicles. The warranty length varies by model, from 5 to 10 years. This gives you peace of mind and ensures your investment is secure.

Do you offer delivery and installation services for your shower cubicles?

Yes, we offer delivery and installation services in Kenya. Our skilled team will install your shower cubicle quickly and to the highest standards. You can enjoy your new bathroom feature without delay.

Can your shower cubicles be used in both small and large bathrooms?

Absolutely! Our shower cubicle fit various bathroom sizes and layouts. Whether your bathroom is small or large, we have the perfect fit for you. Our designs are sleek and save space, ideal for any bathroom.