At Tsl Industries, we’re excited to show you our stunning aluminium doors and windows range. They’re not only beautifully designed but also help save energy. These products can make any place look amazing, be it a home or a business area. They fit well with both classic and modern styles.
Our aluminium systems look sleek and elegant. We offer many ways to customize them. You can choose from different types of glass or special finishes. Thanks to our powder coating, your choice will be durable and look good for a long time. It can stand up to bad weather, chemicals, and temperature changes.

Aluminium wall doors

Key Takeaways

  • Extensive range of stylish and energy-efficient aluminium door and window systems.
  • Customization options including decorative glass, toughened glass, and sandblasted finishes.
  • Aluminium powder coating for a vibrant, durable, and weather-resistant finish.
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary property designs.
  • Transformative solutions to enhance the aesthetics of any space.
  • The Epitome of Style and Durability.

At TSL Industries, we focus on both style and toughness. Our aluminium doors and windows look sleek and need little care. They stay strong against the weather, fighting off rust and decay. This means they last longer, saving you worries and money.
Our aluminium frames give a modern, clean look to any building. They fit well with all kinds of designs. You get to pick from many colours and finishes. Whether you love plain toughened glass or unique sandblasted glass, we’ve got your back.
Sleek and Sophisticated Aesthetics
Our doors and windows don’t just work well; they look amazing too. They have a modern charm that goes with everything. And you can mix and match the coatings and glass to get the style you want.

  • Minimalist and modern design.
  • Wide range of decorative glass options.
  • Customizable aluminium coating finishes.
  • Seamless integration with various architectural styles.

aluminium door and window

“The aluminium doors and windows from TSL Industries have completely transformed the look and feel of our office. The sleek, sophisticated aesthetic has elevated the space and received countless compliments from our clients.”
Get the best of both worlds with our aluminium doors and windows at TSL Industries. Reach out to us for your next project. Let us tailor the perfect solution for you.

Aluminium Doors & Windows: A Smart Investment

Adding aluminium doors and windows can be a smart move for Kenya’s homeowners. They might cost more but their benefits are worth it over time. These include long life and saving energy costs.
Aluminium is both light and sturdy. This makes them easy to put in and look after. They also keep your home safe from scratches, dents, and intruders. Plus, aluminium is good for the planet, being easy to recycle.
Aluminium doors and windows fit many styles thanks to TSL Industries. You can pick from many designs and glass types to match your taste. Our team is ready to help you make the right choice for your home.
Our products have a special aluminium coating. This coat protects them from bad weather, making them ideal for houses in Kenya. The weather here can be tough, but our doors and windows can handle it.

Feature Benefit

Lightweight and strong Easy installation and maintenance
Highly resistant to scratches, dents, and forced entry Improved home security
Highly recyclable Eco-friendly choice
Wide range of customisation options Tailored to your unique style
Durable aluminium coating Protection against the elements
Choosing TSL Industries means more than a one-time buy. It’s about adding value and sustainability to your home. Reach out to us for homes that reflect who you are and your dreams.

“Aluminium doors and windows are not just a practical choice, but a stylish one too. They offer unbeatable durability and security, making them a smart investment for any homeowner.”
Energy Efficiency and Versatility
At TSL Industries, we know how vital energy efficiency is in today’s designs. Our aluminium doors and windows lead the way in being energy-smart. They keep indoor temperatures just right, cutting down on your energy costs. These products are designed to block the hot or cold air from easily getting in or out. This is a big plus for keeping your home comfy all year.
Regulating Indoor Temperatures
Our unique aluminium frames are top-notch in trapping heat or cold. They’re great for homes or offices. With our windows and doors, you can stay cool in summer and warm in winter. You won’t have to rely too much on heating or cooling systems.
Plus, you can pick different glazing designs to boost their efficiency. We have options like toughened glass or stylish finishes. This adds both energy benefits and a personal touch to your space.

Aluminium window

Feature Benefit

Thermal Efficiency Minimizes heat transfer, keeping your home comfortable all year round
Customizable Glazing Allows for further energy-saving improvements, tailored to your needs
Versatile Design Suitable for a wide range of architectural styles, both residential and commercial
At TSL Industries, we’re all about quality. Our aluminium doors and windows offer great looks and top performance. They’re perfect for new builds or upgrades. Choosing our products is a wise move that pays off in the long run.


In short, aluminium doors and windows are a great choice for Kenyan homes. They look good, last long, and save energy. This makes them a wise buy that improves your home’s look and feel for many years.
Want to upgrade or build a new home? Aluminium is your friend. It’s elegant and needs little upkeep. So, your house will always look good without you spending too much time or money on it.
Choosing aluminium is also good for the planet and your wallet. It keeps your home cool or warm as needed, saving you money on energy. Plus, it’s eco-friendly by reducing your energy use and keeping our planet cleaner.


What types of aluminium door and window systems does Tsl Industries offer?

Tsl Industries offers a wide selection of stylish and energy-efficient Aluminium door and window systems. These complement any project, either at home or for business. we are experts in Aluminium, creating and installing items like Windows and Doors. We also do balustrading, Curtain Walling, and more.

What are the benefits of aluminium doors and windows?

Aluminium doors and windows have a modern and sleek look. They offer great protection against the weather and are very durable. This durability means they last longer than wooden frames and need less upkeep.
They come in many colours and finishes to match your home’s style. Plus, they fight off rust and decay. This means you’ll enjoy your home’s aesthetics and feel secure.

Why is investing in aluminium doors and windows a wise decision?

Choosing aluminium for your doors and windows is a smart move because they last a long time. They save you money in the long haul due to their efficiency and long-lasting nature.
They are light yet strong, so fitting and caring for them is easy. Their resilience against damage and break-ins boosts your home’s security. Besides, aluminium can be recycled, making it a greener option.

How energy-efficient are aluminium doors and windows?

Aluminium doors and windows save a lot of energy. Their design minimises heat exchange, keeping your home comfortable all year. This saves you money on heating and cooling costs.
They can also be paired with special glazing for even better energy efficiency. This means you’ll be both comfortable and economical.

How versatile are aluminium doors and windows?

Aluminium doors and windows fit a range of architectural designs. They are a top choice for various buildings, from houses to offices. Their versatility makes them a go-to option for many projects.